My Priorities on City Council


  • 4% in 4 Years:  We should prioritize 4% the city budget to repair and update the storm water management systems over the next 4 years.
  • I will lobby our state and federal representatives to find state and federal money so that we can reduce the 4% to two or three percent, while remaining on a 4 year time line. Currently the time line calls funding over 15 years.

Public Safety

Virginia Beach should be the safest city for women.  We need to make sure our First Responders are fully staffed, paid well, equipped well and supported well. When we consider large commercial developments we should also consider the impact those kinds of events have on human trafficking and other crime. 


  • Provide legal representation for victims, and break the patterns of abuse.
  • Victims deserve the same representation in court as their abusers.  Domestic violence is a generational problem and patterns can and should be identified as early as possible. 
  • I will draft city policy to direct the commonwealth’s attorney to appoint special prosecutors to prosecute and represent victims in domestic violence cases, because a victim should never have to prosecute their own case while their abuser can be represented by a public defender.
  • Engage local or national non-profit organizations to host 30 min assemblies as part of the sex education curriculum to teach students about domestic violence and provide resources if they are victims themselves.
  • Engage these same organizations to host workshops for school counselors to help identify at-risk students who may have a history of domestic violence in their families, and provide resources to stop the generational patterns.  

Job Growth

  • Economic Development: ITS-VB: Incubation of Technology based Small Businesses
  • Diversify our economy and stop the “brain drain” of our youth by taking advantage of high tech opportunities with the high speed data hubs coming into Virginia Beach.  We can’t just attract other companies- like Green Flash Brewery- we need to grow companies locally too.  Virginia Beach can help young entrepreneurs and I think we should.
  • Partner with local business organizations, local universities, and entrepreneurship centers to create incubation centers to help grow companies that will remain in Virginia Beach.
  • Take advantage of Federal and State sponsored Opportunity Zones to attract investment and connect private capital with low-income communities across Virginia Beach.


  • Council members should not enrich themselves through their votes on city council.  They should abstain and step away from projects where they have a personal financial interest.
  • Public/Private partnership deals should be open to the public and inviting to many types of investors and developers.  Everyone should be given an opportunity to participate on an equal basis. The current system drives away investors who are not as “connected” to city council members and see the current process as “rigged.” 


  • We need to fully fund our schools and teachers pay to pre-recession levels and look at better benefit packages to keep local teacher talent from leaving Virginia Beach for other school systems.  We need to make sure we prepare to replace older schools while making sure that we continue to invest in our teachers and remain the best school system in Virginia.