About David Nygaard

The conventional approach isn’t working anymore. I was not a conventional candidate and I will not be a conventional city councilman.  I grew up in Kempsville and graduated from Kempsville High, William and Mary and Regent University.  I took over my mom’s family business, Sandy’s Touch of Gold, and grew it as David Nygaard Fine Jewelers from 1 to 7 stores and one of the largest independent jewelry chains in the country.  I was named Virginia Business Success Story of the Year, by Virginia Business Magazine, Hampton Roads Business of the Year by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, and Best Places to Work by Inside Business Magazine.  

In 2008 when the great recession hit, Wachovia went bankrupt and took me along, and I lost everything, my business, my home and ultimately my marriage.  I understand the pain of business failure, the cost to families, and what it takes to start over.  I was able to rebuild my business over the next 10 years and was cited for Entrepreneurial Excellence by Inside Business. I have taught Entrepreneurship at Chowan University and been involved in several University Entrepreneurship centers locally. I am a single father of six kids, who coached Baseball at Great Neck Baseball League, and I take care of my 84 father, a career Navy Veteran who retired as a Captain in Virginia Beach and helped found Mancon locally.  I understand the struggles families have in managing multi-generational households, health care, and financial challenges.

On January 1st, 2019, I officially started my 4 year term as a member of Virginia Beach's City Council representing the Beach District. I look forward to serving you and your families and stand ready to assist you in anyway possible. You can use the form on the constituent services page to get in touch with me about issues you've come across or things you think I need to be made aware of. If you would like to weigh-in on an upcoming vote, please visit the upcoming votes page and you can submit your thoughts and tell me which way you would like me to vote.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at DNygaard@VBGov.com or call my office at (757) 333-4033.